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Before I tell you about myself I'm excited to announce that I have moved my Chicago studio of 8 years to the Washington D.C area.

After leaving the D.C. area a little more then two decades ago to attend the Portfolio Center in Atlanta for commercial photography I'm coming back to where it all started.

I've had a studio in Atlanta, Tampa, Chicago and now back in D.C.

Fortunate to have lived and worked in these cities I've been exposed to working with some incredible talent and creative projects.

Shooting movie star Keri Russell, infomercial king Bill Maze and  a project for a product safety testing company that took us to 7 countries on 4 continents in just 19 days.

Photography is not only my job but it is my passion. Even my vacations are based upon if I can get interesting images. I take a two week hiking trip every year and the first thing I pack is my camera gear.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to chat with you on your up coming projects.